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A Swimsuit For All

Girl Code Blog

Hello there my lovely ones....

Thank you for coming all the way here. It means the world to me. I know this is not as easy to get to as other medias like instagram, facebook, but I'm glad that some of you still took the time to actually come to my blog. I'm extra pumped to share this content with you because it is not only "Nice" but it stands for something that matters to all of us, our self image.

I love to partner with brands that strive to bring a positive impact in the industry (whether is in fashion, travel, fitness or any other field) and Swimsuits For All is doing just that, by creating & promoting products that are made to include & not exclude people. We know that many brands intentionally have their products targeting a certain audience, who they think are fit to display their product.  Swimsuits For All is doing the opposite by creating products for all shapes & sizes (really, all sizes!) ins't that amazing? To find brands that celebrate diversity & make women feel empowered instead of excluded  or body shamed. This matters and it is a big thing these days, where theres so much overexposure of brands featuring perfect bodies everywhere. Let's celebrate beauty starting from the inside out, and preferably on a boat, by the beach holding a margarita...

Last but not least: *Shop the BIKINI I'm wearing here and the white coverup here


This Beautiful Journey Called Life

Girl Code Blog

Sausalito 2 - 286.jpg
Sausalito 2 - 317.jpg
Sausalito 2 - 119.jpg
Sausalito 2 - 199.jpg
Sausalito 2 - 130.jpg

Hello my lovely people, I'm excited about this post... it is so far one of my favorite looks that I've ever done. I'm sure I will do better ones but for now....

It was such a beautiful day by the dock and the sun was just glorious. I love days like these....I'm always chasing the sun. But in special the previous post and this one, and all of the following ones you will notice a big difference in the quality of the shots. I finally got my camera where I want with the settings and some really nice shots will come out as a result.  

Sausalito 2 - 296.jpg
Sausalito 2 - 291.jpg

I'm also excited about life in general. I don't know...i have this good feeling at times, i've been through some self-doubting moments, some heartaches in the past months, but I know I'm growing stronger each day and I have a good feeling about things, I know something really good & exciting is about to break on my life. I BELIEVE in good things, I BELIEVE that God is taking me where I need to be, and I KNOW it will be all worth it. Who also thinks or feel the same way as me?


Pants: Forever 21, Top & Headband: Urban Oufitters, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Wristlet & Handbag: Patricia Nash


living it up

Girl Code Blog

Finally managed to fix my camera and shoot again under this beautiful weather & with the best auntie in the world, That's right...she is the one who takes most of my pictures and she's also a fashion stylist and a beauty. I love that we can do this together and with family...

The vision I have, the support from the people I love and from all my amazing followers is what keeps me motivated to do more and better....always putting God first! to & through him everything exists. Oops, the details of my outfit are below:

Shorts: Levis, One Piece: Adidas Sunglasses: Tori Burch Sneakers: Adidas Belt: Urban Outfitters Watch: G-Shock




It's an everyday choice

Girl Code Blog

Hello my beautiful followers who came all the way here. Thank you for that. Everybody knows how fitness is such an important part of my life and also something that I try to prioritize at all times. First because living an active life helps me to reduce stress & anxiety and improve my mood, this is something so clear to me...whenever I'm having a slow week, being lazy e demotivated, often times after I go for quick workout, I notice an almost immediate improvement in all those things. I also sleep much better when I exercise

At the moment,  I'm working on finding the balance between a good & steady workout regiment and other activities like my job, and blogging. I don't like to get burned out either by too much exercising or stress from work. Yes...exercising too much can also stress you out or leave you felling burned out and low energy throughout the day or even the week. When you start to feel those signs, you need to stop and listen to your body instead of pushing yourself even harder....knowing your body limits is also very important if you want achieve & maintain your body gains. Before I knew that, I used to always overdo at the gym and my gains were very little. Now with more rest, a consistent diet and the right amount of exercising I have boosted my gains like 70% I would say and I feel much better overal.

With that said, I hope you are now ready to start your own journey towards your goals, however, respecting your limits ....remember your body talks and you should listen.

SweatPants san anselmo - 14-9.jpg