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City Girl

Girl Code Blog


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Hello lovies! I'm so excited to share another post here. This is my virtual home and i love that you are here with me. This year will be a big year for me and "GirlCode" brand. I've been planning so many trips and great outfits that i simply cannot wait to share with all of you. 

Big things ahead, anyway, for now I would like to share some details of my shoot in San Francisco. There is simply no way to get a wrong shot in this city. I Love this city vibe in the background. I'm not a city girl but sometimes I like to play one haha. I love street fashion and street style outfits. The Union Square is a great location and that day, we got just the right amount of light. 



Happy 2018...Lets do this!

Girl Code Blog

Stinson - 6.jpg
Stinson - 12.jpg
Stinson - 13.jpg
Stinson - 14.jpg
Stinson - 15.jpg
Stinson - 16.jpg
Stinson - 18.jpg
Stinson - 19.jpg
Stinson - 21.jpg
Stinson - 23.jpg
Stinson - 24.jpg
Stinson - 22.jpg
Stinson - 25.jpg
Stinson - 26.jpg

hELLO MY LOVES, Happy 2018!!!

I'm sooo happy to be working on my first post of 2018. This will be an epic year for Girl Code aka me. I wanted to take the time to thank all of you for your support through the year of 2017 and past years. I started from nothing and now there nearly 80k of you following me daily and liking my pics. It's very rewarding to know that the work one has invested is paying off and it makes me wanna be better and bigger this year. 

What to expect from GirlCode 2018: More incredible and bold outfits, more action, more fitness tips and higher presence on instagram. Those are my goals for me this year. I hope you keep pushing through this journey with me.

Anyway, enough said about that... I wanted to now show you guys this outfit which is by far my favorite pic for this season, comfy & stylish pic for a winter morning. This sweater from H&M is amazing retro piece, and also a statement combined with Girlfriend jeans. But the big star is of course (and you already noticed) the handbag that I'm wearing from OliverGrey.Co and what a cute piece right?! Totally makes the outfit.

I hope you go check them out. They have thousands of new styles at great prices...all the details of this outfit are listed below. ;-)

Sweater: H&M, Denim & Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Handbag: Oliver Grey Co



Christmas Eve

Girl Code Blog

sausalito _edit- 2.jpg
sausalito - 6-2.jpg
sausalito - 8-2.jpg
sausalito - 10-2.jpg
sausalito - 11-2.jpg
sausalito - 17-2.jpg
sausalito - 16-2.jpg
sausalito - 14-2.jpg
sausalito - 19-2.jpg

Merry Christmas my loves, I'm sooooo beyond grateful this holidays because I got to spend it with my loved ones this year, wasn't like that every year, so I'm truly and deeply overjoyed to have my parents with me for Christmas & my birthday! (whaaaatttt?) yes, please send me presents okay. While I was strolling with my family in Sausalito, I snapped a few shots to show you my Christmas eve outifit. I love my new red boots, anf honestly I got them because they were so versatile and I always wanted a red waterproof boots. But i have got so many compliments when wore them today, that I think I scored big when I got them. Anyway, I hope you like the outfit and also the Christmas atmosphere in the pictures. I was so happy that day.....and I think it shows. 

Oh, and if you are interested in getting the boots, unfortunately the color red seems to be sold out everywhere and are no longer available at Polo Ralph Luren's website, I only found 1 pair of used ones, size 6 on ebay.  Or you can get them here in the blue color from this website here.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the post, and if so please leave me a comment so I know who was here, or make suggestions for the upcoming posts and what you would like me to post about. Beijinhos, Tchau


Stylish & Cozy

Girl Code Blog

Sweatpants - 4.jpg
Sweatpants - 7.jpg
Sweatpants - 20-2.jpg
Sweatpants - 10-2.jpg
Sweatpants - 29-2.jpg
Sweatpants - 22.jpg
Sweatpants - 30.jpg
Sweatpants - 36-2.jpg

Hello my loves, I've been wanting to make a post of what I wear on a gym day or just on for everyday wear, if I'm not at work or not going to an event I love to feel cozy & stylish at the same time. So these lovely pants sweatpants make a great streetstyle outfit and you can get them here. I just noticed how serious I look in all of those shots, please don't mind me. I always have the same face lol. 

I will see you all on my next post. Beijinhos...